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Brought to life by a host of artists well known on the prog-rock scene, “Alchemy” is a Victorian adventure set in 1842, with a sense of the dark and mysterious. The musical sees the return of many actors known from the Caamora Theatre Company’s previous productions of “She” – Clive Nolan, Agnieszka Świta, David Clifford, Victoria Bolley, Chris Lewis and Soheila Clifford – aided by such remarkable singers as Tracy Hitchings (Strangers on a Train, Landmarq), Andy Sears (Twelfth Night), Paul Manzi (Arena, Oliver Wakeman Band), and Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace). With an excellent line-up of musicians, including Mark Westwood (guitars), Scott Higham (drums), Claudio Momberg (piano), Kylan Amos (bass), and of course Clive Nolan himself, the show guarantees to provide an outstanding musical experience for all fans of well-written and perfectly performed ambitious prog music.

The ‘Alchemy’ shows in Cheltenham will take place this week at the Playhouse Theatre on 5th, 6th and 7th September 2013. The audience will have a chance to see the principal cast in the three evening shows. Additionally, a matinee show performed by the understudies will take place on Saturday afternoon. Cheltenham production will be a fully theatrical version of the musical featuring eleven leading characters, the band and the Caamora Company Chorus.

Clive Nolan comments: “So… we have just finished the ‘production rehearsal weekend, and I think it’s fair to say we are all exhausted! We covered an immense amount of ground, and hats off to all the cast and crew who attended… That was a lot of work and energy, but there it was… a show! It just need placing into the Playhouse, and those essential ‘dress rehearsals’, then that’s it… ‘Alchemy’ on stage! I’m looking forward to it with a large mixture of emotions… 😉 Well done everybody!”

A DVD featuring a live version of “Alchemy” will be released later this month.  The DVD, recorded in February in Wyspiański Theater (Katowice, Poland), is enriched by a number of additional features, such as interviews with Clive Nolan, Agnieszka Świta, David Clifford, Scott Higham, and Mark Westwood, as also “The Making of Alchemy” material. You can see a preview above.

The live version of “Alchemy” will be available also in a special edition box which includes live DVD, two CDs with an audio version of the show, a bonus DVD with a number of features providing deeper insight into what the project is all about, and also a bonus CD featuring exclusive demos, alternative versions of the songs and more! The release date of the DVD and 2DVD+3CD Box is scheduled for September, 23rd in Poland, September, 30th in Europe and October, 1st in USA (via MVD).