Guitar Virtuoso Group to play Maltby on 9th May
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We are very excited to announce that the brilliant new virtuoso band GB3 – featuring Featuring Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Bainbridge, Dave Brons and special guests
Simon Fitzpatrick (bass) will play the Wesley Centre, Maltby on 9th May

GB3 – Three British guitarists combine for an eclectic mix that will appeal guitarists and music fans alike. Three outstanding guitarists in their own right coming together to create a memorable evening of virtuoso guitar music, including some inspired jamming together.
So, what’s different about GB3?
How about combining epic, emotive, symphonic rock music with reinterpretations of well loved classical pieces played with unbelievable dexterity and traditional Celtic reels, jigs and airs translated into powerful electric guitar explorations? Throw in some atmospheric soundscapes, virtuoso solo piano, loopstation jamming on bouzouki, plus one of the most accomplished, jaw dropping solo bassists on the planet (the WHOLE of Bohemian Rhapsody on solo bass?!) and you begin to get the picture. Not just for guitar geeks; a GB3 concert is an engaging, compelling musical experience for anyone who loves music that challenges the
usual stylistic boundaries. Virtuosic, yes, but also inspiring, entertaining, moving and uplifting.

GB3 – three great guitarists from the UK plus one astonishing bassist. Go and see them – you won’t be sorry.

So, who are GB3?
Paul Bielatowicz
(Carl Palmer Band, Neal Morse Band, Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert, Les Paul)
“One of our greatest rock guitarists” – Guitar Techniques Magazine
“A reputation for doing the seemingly impossible” – David Mead (Guitarist Magazine)
“One of the most amazing players around” – Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic)
“Totally mind blowing!” – Pat Badger (Extreme)
Dave Bainbridge
(Iona, Troy Donockley, Jack Bruce, Buddy Guy, Paul Jones, Phil Keaggy, Nick Beggs) “Dave Bainbridge is a a genius of immeasurable proportions….working with artists as varied as Buddy Guy, Jack Bruce and Iona. If you are unfamiliar with him it’s time to make amends. Trust me.”
Nick Beggs (Steve Wilson, Steve Hackett etc, etc)
‘Bainbridge’s guitar playing is superb; his electric solos conjure Eric Johnson and Allan Holdsworth.
….Looking deeper, the music is genuinely touching, possessing a spiritual quality that speaks to the soul and
inspires various states of positivity, from peaceful tranquility to breathless exhilaration.’
“Dave’s fluid, emotional guitar playing, epic keyboard work and expansive compositions combine into one of this generation’s most powerful and original musical voices.”
John Kellogg (5.1 producer for Chicago, Foreigner, Black Crows, Deep Purple, ELP etc)
Dave Brons
“Dave Brons is an imaginative player with a great groove. I loved hearing his unique take on my music when we played together and look forward to hearing a lot more music from him”
Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Carl Verheyen, Joe Satriani)
“…Dave Brons is a superb guitar player and a really fantastic composer…”
Tom Quayle (Fusion guitar Virtuoso, Journalist and Lick Library Artist)
With special guest
Simon Fitzpatrick
“Simon Fitzpatrick is a guy who constantly pushes himself to see what can be done on bass”
Kevin Johnson (No Treble)
“I had a blast playing with my ridiculously talented band featuring Simon Fitzpatrick”
Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck)
*GB3 will also be joined by either Collin Leijenaar or John Biglands on drums (depending on the gig location).