NAZARETH – New Singer, New Album, New Tour!
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NAZARETH – ‘Live’ in the UK 2015 featuring new singer Linton Osbourne
“This guy could revitalize Nazareth” (Classic Rock)

NEW ALBUM – Rock ‘N’ Roll Telephone (Salvo)
“ Studded with highlights… the entire lineup performing at full velocity” (Ultimate
**** (Metal Talk) **** (Get Ready To Rock!) 9/10 (Power Play)

January 2015 sees Nazareth once more going for the throat, returning for their first UK tour since Dan McCafferty’s retirement from ‘live’ work with the band and featuring new singer, LINTON OSBOURNE, now standing proudly alongside Naz founder member PETE AGNEW (bass) and longtime band members LEE AGNEW (drums) and guitarist JIMMY MURRISON.

In November, to promote the new album – described by Classic Rock as “Very much in the classic Nazareth tradition” – and following shows with the band in Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and Russia, Linton and the band were well fired-up for a storming show at Metropolis Studios in London, in front of an audience of diehard fans for DVD release. Lintons impact was immediate:

“This new singer. He’s a bit good. Linton Osborne’s his name. Not at all a Dan McCafferty clone. He has a tremendous range, and while he’s more than capable of delivering that gruffness and growl which has been the band’s trademark for so many years, there’s so much more to the Scot’s vocal prowess. This guy could revitalise Nazareth” (Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock).

Malcolm was quick to acknowledge guitarist Murrison’s 20 –year role in the band, too: “The man’s a prime talent in his own right…he shines throughout”. He wraps up his review with a clear message that Nazareth remain not only up to the challenge, but are still very much a formidable force – “ There are some breathtaking highlights. Best songs of the night are ‘Hearts Grown Cold’ (with Osbourne electrifying), ‘This Flight Tonight’ (with the whole band in peerless form), and the encore couplet of ‘Love Hurts’ and ‘Expect No Mercy’ – a tour de force”.

The man’s not wrong. Nazareth, ‘live’ – EXPECT NO MERCY!