STATUS QUO – New Deluxe ‘Frantic Four’ limited edition book
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Status Quo have teamed up with Robana Publishing to produce a fantastic, deluxe, limited run collectors’ edition book chronicling the life and times of the classic ‘Frantic Four’ line up.  Limited to 750 copies worldwide, each book will be personally signed by each of the band members. The book will be published 3 November 2014 and is available exclusively from and is priced at £225.


Created using the highest possible production values, the book features an incredible selection of images from throughout the band’s career – running from the early days, through the glory years, the painful breakup and of course the reunion.  Many of these images have never before been seen anywhere.  Francis, Rick, John and Alan have contributed images from their personal and family collections and these images are found within a unique individually varnished photographic section in the centre of the book – a section was shipped specifically to Alan in Australia for his signing.  Images have also been provided by photographers long associated with the band, Danny Clifford and Judy Totton.


The book is displayed in a bespoke stylish box, which also contains a Frantic Four laminate and lanyard with the purchaser’s name on it as well as exclusive button badges.  The book is a case-bound volume of 192 pages and cover, bound in a denim cloth, the spine foil blocked in silver and produced by UK-based PurePrint, winners of the Book Printer of the Year category at the PrintWeek Awards.  The book represents true craftsmanship, utilising 200gsm very high quality art paper – named Heaven 42 which is a truly evolutionary leap in paper development; an extraordinary white coated grade, which has been developed from pure, natural materials, providing an excellent super smooth and outstanding white printing surface. The grade is also FSC certified.


The Foreword to the book is provided by broadcasting legend Bob Harris who said, “I am delighted to be writing the foreword to this fantastic Status Quo publication. I’ve been playing the band’s music for years, it was amazing to see the Frantic Four line-up return, and on such fine form. Status Quo are a band that matter and this wonderful quality collectors’ edition book by Robana is something that people will treasure”.  The ‘fifth member’ of the Frantic Four, Bob Young has provided amazing exclusive material and written an introduction to this collector’s edition.  He said, “This new official Limited Edition Frantic Four book is really going to be extra special. With the band’s involvement and of a quality like no other Quo book before, I’m very pleased, having been associated with them for forty-six years, to have been asked to help with the content and to write the introduction to the book.” Classic Rock magazine’s Dave Ling has conducted a series of new, post-tour interviews with each member of the band as part of a lengthy essay on the life and times of the Frantic Four.


Each copy will be individually numbered and mailed in a secure carton.